Canada's Experience Translating Quality Workplace Knowledge in Cancer Settings

Start/End Dates: 2004 – 2007

Investigators: Margaret I. Fitch (PI), Pamela Baker, Greta Cummings, Lesley Degner, Carole A. Estabrooks, Esther Green, Marianne Mclennan, Deborah Mcleod, Maxine Mueller, Andréanne Saucer

Funder: Health Canada

Grant Amount: $300,000

Background : Improving working lives of nurses has been identified as the key focus or
addressing the predicted shortage of nurses. Significant effort has been devoted to summarizing
the current knowledge regarding strategies to implement quality workplaces. However, it’s
unclear how effective these efforts have been as vehicles of knowledge transfer.

Purpose : This study was undertaken to determine the awareness and use of selected policy
reports by senior decision makers in cancer settings. Additionally, the investigation was designed
to identify quality workplace initiatives that had been undertaken, factors that influence their
success, and further policy recommendations.

The products of this research program are:

Technical report: