Examining the Role of Context in Alzheimer Care Centres: A Pilot Study

Start/End Dates: 2007 - 2009

Investigators/Collaborators/Advisors: Carole A. Estabrooks, Anne Sales,  Agnes Mitchell

Funder: The Capital Care Group Alzheimer Care Research Grant

Grant Amount: $20,000

Description: This is a pilot study of a survey instrument.

The general approach is in six steps:

  1. modification of the existing survey

  2. administration of the survey

  3. re-administration of the survey approximately one month later (to assess stability)

  4. short (5-15 min) debriefing sessions (either one on one or in small groups) to obtain participants’ immediate feedback on the survey

  5. analysis of the results

  6. feedback of our findings

T his feedback will include:

  1. traditional dissemination - presentation at least one scientific conference and publication in peer reviewed journals

  2. information sessions with interested CAPITAL CARE staff and managers/administrators to describe and explain our findings

  3. information sessions with care managers to discuss context as it exists in their specific center/unit

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to pilot a newly developed survey among primarily nonprofessional caregivers of long term care (LTC) residents with dementia in four settings within The CAPITAL CARE Group (TCCG): two Residential Alzheimer Care Centers and two Secured Dementia Units.


Our specific aims are:

  1. To modify the survey for use in facility-based long term care settings
  2. To assess the measurement properties of the survey (e.g., stability, internal consistency, face and content validity)
  3. To create a profile of context in TCCG’s Alzheimer Care Centers and Secured Dementia Units.

The products of this research program are:

Technical Report:

  • Squires, J.E., Estabrooks, C.A, Kong, L., Brooker, S. (2009). Examining the Role of Context in Alzheimer Care Centers: A Pilot Study Technical Report. (Report No.0804-TR). Edmonton, AB, Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta. (ISBN: 978-1-55195-237-6)