A Bibliometric Analysis of the Research Utilization Literature: A Pilot Project

Start/End Dates: May - Dec 2002

Investigator: Carole A. Estabrooks

Funder: University of Alberta, Small Faculties Research Grant Program

Description: To more effectively address the gaps in the RU knowledge base, we must first begin with a comprehensive picture of the current state of the field, as it applies to nursing and allied health. Hence, the purpose of this project is to document the development and current state of RU as a field of study in the nursing and allied health literature using bibliometric methods.

The research objectives were:

  1. To map the development of RU as an international field of study in nursing and allied health literature.

  2. To identify the structure of this scientific community, including the networks of researchers.

The products of thisĀ research programĀ are:

Technical Report:


  • Estabrooks, C.A., Winther, C., & Derksen, L. (2004). Mapping the field. A bibliometric analysis of the research utilization literature in nursing. Nursing Research, 53(5), 293-303