Utilization of Health Research in Acute Care Settings in Alberta (AKUTE)

Start/End Dates: July 2005 - August 2007

Investigators: Carole A. Estabrooks, Peter Norton, Judy Birdsell, Greta Cummings, Mandi Newton (PDF), Annette Timbee, Chris Eagle, Michelle Lahey

Funder: Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR)

Grant Amount: $150,000

The overall purpose of this study is to determine if increased use of research at the point of care delivery by providers and decision-makers improves patient and system outcomes. This is a pilot study in the achievement of the second step in a four step program of research.

The objectives of this project are to:

  1. identify and classify research users in the health care system,

  2. refine and validate a survey that measures research utilization behaviours and organizational variables relevant to research uptake,

  3. determine any differences in research uptake patterns among sub-groups of research users, and

  4. assess the influence of organizational factors on research use in the different user groups.

Specific outcomes will include:

  1. a validated classification of actors that will enable us to sample validly in the full study,

  2. a field tested survey,

  3. an assessment of the feasibility of our sampling frame and procedures, and

  4. preliminary insights into subgroup and organizational influences on research utilization, linkage mechanisms, and the influence of role on research utilization.

The products of thisĀ research programĀ are:

Technical Report:


  • The Alberta Context Tool (ACT)