Knowledge Translation Canada: A National Research Network

Start/End Dates:  2008 - 2013

Investigators: Jeremy Grimshaw (PI), Sharon Straus (PI), Robert Brian Haynes, France Légaré, Annette O'Connor, Annette M. Anne Sales, Andreas Laupacis, John N Lavis, Gaston Godin, Sumit Majumdar

Funder: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) CFI CIHR Regional/National Clinical Research Initiative

Grant Amount: $10 million

Background: Citizens, health care systems and industry will only benefit from health research if research findings are appropriately translated into healthcare policy and practice. Unfortunately evidence from around the world suggests that often health care and health policy decisions do not make use of the best current available evidence. Recognition of the gap between evidence and health care policy and practice has led to the development of a new field of health research, Knowledge Translation Research, that aims to improve our understanding of why evidence to practice gaps occur and the best ways to prevent these.

Description: This research program will bring together a network of over 50 Canadian experts in Knowledge Translation research to undertake an ambitious research program to identify and study solutions to ensure that Canadian decision makers have the tools and skills necessary to achieve knowledge translation. The research will be undertaken in partnership with Canadian hospitals and community agencies. The Network will also provide innovative training courses that will establish the national standard for training in knowledge translation. Finally we will develop a series of practical tools to support Canadian decision makers (including patients, health care professionals, managers and policy makers) to make better use of research evidence. This research program will provide important information about how to improve knowledge to ensure that Canada reaps the benefits of health research to improve the health and quality of life of citizens and to strengthen our health care system.