Undergraduate & Summer Students

AHFMR Undergraduate Summer Students

Undergraduate students with outstanding academic records and a keen interest in research, who are interested in an AHFMR sponsored summer studentship should contact Dr. Estabrooks early in January.

Suitable applicants will be assisted with preparation of an application. Successful applicants will have a designated research project on which they will work with a small team from the unit. Students can expect to participate in the presentation and publication of research related activity. These opportunities are not restricted to nursing students.

Undergraduate Summer Students

In addition a small number of highly qualified undergraduate students from a variety of health and/or social science backgrounds are employed each summer by the KUSP unit itself. These students work in the same program as AHFMR summer students and can expect to gain high quality research experience.

Summer students normally work 40 hour weeks from May 1 through August 31, with two weeks off for vacation. Minimum qualifications include good written and verbal communication, good computer skills, and intellectual curiosity. Students can expect to participate in a variety of research projects and activities with a focus on literature and data processing/management work.

AHFMR High School Students (HYRS)

Each summer the unit makes itself available to sponsor a high school student selected for AHFMR's HYRS summer program. Successful students can expect to gain exposure to a variety of research projects and applied statistical analysis activity. They will be assisted with preparation of their summer project.