Graduate Students

Currently accepting expressions of interest from potential doctoral students interested in knowledge translation, health services research, and improvement science in the context of aging, in particular residential care for the frail elderly. Applicants should be competitive for provincial and national doctoral training awards (e.g., CIHR, AIHS, Killam) and must be willing to locate to Edmonton for their studies. Interested individuals should submit an electronic letter describing their doctoral training goals and the potential fit with Dr Estabrooks program of research to:

Graduate Student Supervision Philosophy at KUSP

The main goal of graduate student supervision is to help students develop as scholars. A concomitant goal is to help students develop the skills and abilities necessary to conduct a successful independent research program. Students are included extensively in Dr. Estabrooks' research program in various capacities often resulting in their co-authorship on papers.


Graduate students should also visit their Graduate Student Association (GSA) for additional information on graduate student/supervisor relationships and related matters. Students should also become familiar with policies regarding scientific integrity, and be aware of cyber-plagiarism.