Career Renewal & Reorientation

Opportunities are available within the KUSP program for a small number of faculty who wish to re-orient their research. Interested and experienced faculty who would be competitive in provincial and national funding competitions for these awards (AHFMR, CHSRF) should contact Dr. Estabrooks to discuss the potential fit of their interests with the KUSP research program. Where a fit is determined to exist, Dr. Estabrooks and associates will work closely with applicants on funding applications.

Successful applicants will function as junior and senior investigators, participating fully in research and related scholarly activity. They will participate in the training and mentorship of PDF, graduate, and undergraduate trainees, and work closely and cooperatively with KUSP unit staff, assuming leadership in the unit and in completion of research projects. Successful candidates will have 2 to 4 new publications in the KU field accepted or submitted in refereed journals.

Inquiries are welcome from individuals in the social sciences as well as the health sciences.