The 6th annual Knowledge Utilization Colloquium for researchers and trainees in the field of knowledge utilization/translation was held July 24 - 26, 2006 at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Minneapolis, MN, USA. The planning committee for KU06 was Anne Sales (US), Tracey Bucknall (Australia), Carole Estabrooks (Canada), Brendan McCormack (UK), Jo Rycroft-Malone (UK), Cheryl Stetler (USA), Rejean Landry (Canada), and Lars Wallin (Sweden).

Colloquium Information

The objectives of KU06

  1. Review and disseminate successful theory-based strategies for promoting knowledge utilization and implementation of evidence-based best practice in health care;
  2. Describe strategies designed to have an impact on multiple levels within health care organizations and with interdisciplinary teams of health care professionals;
  3. Develop an international research agenda for knowledge utilization and implementation related to strategies, particularly focused on organizational contexts, educational innovation, and interdisciplinary professional practice.

The major work of the conference occured in small interdisciplinary workgroups of 7-9 people from different settings. Workgroup assignment was pre-determined. The goals of the workshop were to deliberate about the key issues facing knowledge utilization and implementation science, to formulate one or more research agendas and to prioritize the issues.

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